Frequently Asked Questions

What framing options do you offer?

We offer two framing options:
Standard Gallery Wrap - The canvas is wrapped around a 3/4" thick wooden stretcher frame.
Thick Gallery Wrap - The canvas is wrapped around a 1 1/2" wooden stretcher frame.

What is your preferred file format, resolution and image size?

Short answer: 300 dpi jpeg

Long answer: The resolution from most digital cameras works perfectly for our canvas product. If your camera is 5 mega pixel or higher and you've taken the photo at the highest setting you won't have a problem. If you're not sure about any of that, you can check the file size by right clicking on your image, then, click on properties, where the size will be displayed. Images that are 2 meg or higher are great. Images under 2 meg but higher than 700kb are almost always workable, so go ahead and upload those. Files under 700kb may work if the canvas is not too large and the image is clear, feel free to upload those as well with a note in the comments to contact you if there is an issue with resolution. JPEG or TIF files are both OK. We'll always call you if there is an issue.

What digital file formats do you accept?

Although we prefer to work with uncompressed TIFF and high quality JPEG formatted files, we can work with most other digital image formats as well, including the native formats of software applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Painter. 

Can I scan my own original?

If you would like to scan your own photo or original art to convert it to a digital file, we recommend you carefully clean both the original print and the scanner glass. Set the scanning resolution to a minimum resolution of 600 ppi (pixels per inch). If you have the option, try scanning at 800 or 1200 ppi. How you save your image is just as important, so make sure to choose a quality format (such as TIFF or JPEG) and make sure that the "quality" options in the save dialog box are set to the equivalent of "best" or "high."

I only have a standard camera, not digital?

No problem! You can send us your standard photograph and we will digitally scan it for you. Or email us a digital scanned image of your photograph at 300dpi or higher. Please make sure that your photo is not too light or dark. Any actual photographs posted to us will be handled with extreme care and posted back to you with your finished printed products.

Can I contact you?

Yes! We would love to speak with you about how we can make your memories into works of art. Feel free to contact us by any of the means listed below.

120 Mountain Brook Dr. Suite C
Canton, GA 30115

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